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10 Dating Profile Examples That Work (Answering Questions from Hinge)

For some, filling out a dating profile can evoke anxiety and confusion. There are so many variables on what to say or how to say it.

Let’s be honest…an online dating profile can be utterly overwhelming and lead you to a thousand questions. Should I be funny? Charming? Mysterious? Do I mention that I have children? Should I say that I am of a certain religion?

Here are some dating profile examples from Hinge that will help you instantly power up your dating life today!

  1. Mr. Nice Guy
  2. Clever Dating Profile Example
  3. Relatable Dating Profile Example
  4. Romantic Dating Profile Example
  5. Funny Dating Profile Example
  6. Short Dating Profile
  7. Keep them wanting more!
  8. Humorous Dating Profile Example
  9. Spontaneous Dating Profile
  10. Simple Dating Profile

1. Mr. Nice Guy

The award I should be nominated for…Sweetest person. Nominated and won class of ’06.

After reading his response, I feel like I already know him, his character, and what he is looking for. While his response is simple and straight-forward, dating app users appreciate a fun and interesting fact like this about someone’s personal history. It provides the reader insight not only into this user, but that they are searching for someone who will value this aspect of their personality!

2. Clever Dating Profile Example

I’m overly competitive about…Not getting up as soon as the plane lands

I didn’t know people who stand up on planes as soon as it lands bothered other people! Not only is this a great conversation starter, but this response illustrates that the user has a fun personality, is patient, and is also considerate of others. Additionally, it is something that a lot of online daters can understand.

3. Relatable Dating Profile Example

Unusual skills…Getting food stuck in my teeth

Haven’t we all been there when we went all day with food stuck in our teeth and no one told us? Or even worse after an important meeting only to go into the restroom and realize we had food in our teeth. This is an engaging Hinge response as it demonstrates that he is relatable and this type of response engages with others, while making others laugh!

4. Romantic Dating Profile

Together, we could…Delete this app forever

I liked this response because it fits with Hinge’s advertising tagline of deleting the app forever. This Hinge dating profile example and response demonstrates that he is not only looking for a partner, but he is also serious and forthcoming about his commitment to finding a partner.

5. Funny Dating Profile

Unusual Skills…Uber rating

It demonstrates that he is kind and courteous without coming out having to list these traits on his profile, which can be boring for someone to read. Doesn’t everyone think they are respectful of others? This user even uploaded a picture of his Uber rating as proof! This dating profile example is also a perfect go-to conversation starter for other users that may want to begin a conversation with him, which is great if you are trying to avoid the standard “Hi, nice to meet you.” This example prompts other users to engage in questions and playful banter.

6. Short Dating Profile

My most irrational fear…The grocery bag breaking…

What I like most about this example is that everyone can relate to having a grocery bag break. Since so many people can relate to this, this example can encourage fun conversation with other users and their experiences with this common grocery store “catastrophe.”

7. Keep them wanting more!

Dream dinner guest…Ernest Hemingway, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Buffett

Is he a writer aspiring to become the next Hemingway? A Republican that endorses the idea of Reaganomics? Clearly, as you can tell, I have a lot of questions…My interest and curiosity are immediately peaked, which is want you want as an online dater. I remind people that instead of spending your time on online dating sites, most would prefer to meet people in person that they are interested in. Thus, it’s important to have engaging and interesting Hinge profile response that draw curiosity and interest to you!  

8. Humorous Dating Profile

I’ll fall for you if…you laugh at my terrible accents and dad jokes

I would argue that a lot of women enjoy bad accents and dad jokes. While this is a brief response, it made me laugh and want to engage with the user to ask about his best dad joke and accent. Humor is key in modern online dating!

9. Spontaneous Dating Profile

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done…Lived on a coffee farm in Costa Rica

Again, this user is showing rather than telling. I’m also confident that they have a lot of fun and engaging stories to tell about their time in Costa Rica, which could be a great conversation starter on a first or second date! I am intrigued as to what daily life was like and the experiences he had. P.S. He even included a picture of himself in Costa Rica, which I thought was super cool!

10. Simple yet sweet

My ideal fake sick day…Cruise down to Ensenada for some tacos and beer

Yumm! Who doesn’t love a fake sick day filled with a cool new adventure, tacos, beer, and a new potential partner? Not only does this response cast a wide net for responses and interactions, it tells potential partners that you like to go on adventures and have fun, but without saying, “I will only date you if you are adventurous.” Whether you are selling a product or yourself (online dating), it is always more beneficial to your audience to show them rather than tell them.

This also relates to your online dating profile pictures. Instead of saying that you like animals, just show a picture of yourself with an animal. This allows you to have more room to describe and show other attributes of your personality, as the picture will speak for you!

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What dating profile example did you most resonate with and why? Do you tailor your dating profile to reflect what you are looking for in a future partner?



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